your clean skin care routine

customized just for you

Step 1: cleanse

micellar water cleanser $35
Oil Free Makeup Remover

Use to gently cleanse, soothe and remove makeup.

Step 2: tone

soothing aloe toner $20
Toner for Sensitive Skin

Use to soothe sun drenched skin.

Step 3: treat

blue tansy serum $59

Use for soothing irritated, dry and acne prone skin.

Step 4: moisturize

lightweight moisturizer $34
Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Use to strengthen the skin barrier for hydrated, supple skin.

Step 5: hydrate

facial oil $35

Step 6: overnight

aha night cream $45

Use for plump, smooth skin.


rose mud mask $32


You may notice more nourished, moisturized and hydrated skin right away. But consistency is key to see true results with any skincare product. We recommend staying consistent to your new routine for 6-8 weeks before evaluating if the products work for your skin needs and if any adjustments need to be made.

Depending on the state of your skin and the products you’ve been using, your skin may need to adjust as you transition away from harsh products to a non toxic routine. But if irritation occurs immediately after applying a new product, discontinue use and let your skin heal. You can reincorporate new products slowly one by one to see if the reaction was due to a skin allergy or sensitivity to one of its ingredients.

Our skin is our largest organ and its directly impacted by hormones, environmental factors, gut health, nutrition and stress. Skin health not only reflects what products we’re using on the surface, but also how we’re treating ourselves at our core. If you’re prone to skin sensitivities or breakouts, consider pairing your skincare routine with a holistic approach.

Pay attention to the food you eat, how you cope with stress, your quality of sleep and water intake. It all makes a difference and we encourage you to pair your beauty routine with a balanced, healthy lifestyle that works for your schedule.

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Luxurious. It’s the most deeply hued Blue Tansy serum I’ve ever used, it has a more inky than oily consistency and a gorgeous, potent aroma unlike any other. Been using it day and night for almost 2 weeks and it soothes my light eczema and works well under makeup. More costly than others, but with a glass stopper and more concentrated amount of high quality ingredients, it’s worth it and gift worthy. Took one week from east to west coast.

Crystal G. / Luna

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