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focus on what matters,

What makes this product so special?

Believe me, I know all too well how easy it is to get caught up in our chaotic lives and forget about what’s most important. And that’s loving ourselves.. our mind, body and spirit. I’m a bit of a work-a-holic because I absolutely love my job, making beautiful, natural skin care for you. But sometimes I lose track of the days and forget to reflect on my own care routine. Sit back, relax and take a hard look on if you’re loving yourself in the healthiest way possible. This set is designed to help you start this process. We’ve got loving your body covered with our Peppermint Flurries scrub, Blue Meadows bath soak, Moonlight Waves bath bomb and Wild Hibiscus bath and body oil. All guaranteed to provide you with the most relaxing, nourishing bath night you’ve ever experience. Now, continue on to nourish your mind and spirit with a good book, motivational podcast or whatever feeds your soul best. Enjoy!

Ingredient Highlights ↓

🌿 Sugar, pumice sand and crushed rose petals gently exfoliate away dry skin and dead skin cells. Leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing.
🌿 Shea butter is incredibly moisturizing and nourishing. With the ability to reduce inflammation and aid itchy or dry skin.
🌿 Sweet almond oil is a rich source of magnesium and loaded with essential nutrients to keep your skin cells healthy.
🌿 Honey is naturally antibacterial and loaded with antioxidants which promote acne prevention and slow down signs of aging.
🌿 Vitamin e oil provides intense healing for dry and irritated skin.
🌿 Kelp is rich in vitamins and minerals, offering hydration and anti-inflammatory properties for your skin to soak in.
🌿 Pink himalayan salt is detoxifying and replenishing, infusing your bath water with skin healthy minerals for your body to absorb.
🌿 Dead sea salt stimulates circulation and soothes sore muscles.
🌿 Chamomile water is ideal for itchy or dry skin due to its abilities to refresh, soften and brighten skin.
🌿 Clary sage essential oil releases a calming aroma to aid in reducing feelings of anxiety.

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Gift Sets Includes: (1) 4 oz Blue Meadows Bath Soak, (1) 8 oz Peppermint Flurries Body Scrub, (1) 3.5 oz Moonlight Waves Bath Fizzy and (1) 2 oz Wild Hibiscus Bath and Body Oil in a wooden gift box with detailed product descriptions.

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