Guards Up BHA Acne Body Spray

A powerful exfoliating mist to prevent and treat body acne that may appear on your chest, back, butt, etc. BHA, tea tree essential oil and witch hazel balance oil production, decongest pores, and soothe inflammation.


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A powerful exfoliating body spray for acne to prevent and easily treat breakouts. The BHA exfoliant salicylic acid combined with tea tree essential oil and alcohol free witch hazel control excess oil production, unclog pores, soothe inflammation and fight acne causing bacteria. Formulated to be fast drying so getting dressed after is a breeze. Watermelon extract is an antioxidant to strengthen the skin barrier and keep skin moisturized while the BHA liquid exfoliant works its magic.

Tea tree essential oil has been linked in studies to being equally effective at clearing acne as the synthetic benzoyl peroxide which is commonly prescribed to clear stubborn acne. But tea tree oil gives these results without the unwanted skin reactions known to be caused by benzoyl peroxide.

I’ll be the one to say it- we’ve all dealt with stubborn annoying body breakouts at one point in our lives. Personally I struggled with chest and back breakouts because of my long hair. Hair conditioner residue gets left on my back and chest no matter how hard I try to get it all off. My hair always touches the skin again before I can get it up in a towel. So I formulated this acne fighting body spray for when I got out of the shower. Poof! As soon as I started using this simple mist after my showers, they immediately stopped.
Size: 4oz Bottle

🌓 Combination acne prone
💦 Oily skin

⚡ Exfoliate & smooth skin texture
🌪 Decongest clogged pores
⚖ Balance oil production


  • BHA salicylic acid products are well known to clear clogged pores to treat and prevent breakouts. Also anti inflammatory to calm redness from acne irritation.
  • Witch hazel sprays are known to tone skin, reduce irritation and fight acne.
  • Tea tree essential oil is known to be antibacterial to treat and clear acne causing bacteria.
  • Watermelon extract is an antioxidant known to support skin barrier health and keep skin hydrated.

FULL INGREDIENT LIST:  Witch Hazel, Polysorbate 80, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, Willow Bark Extract, Watermelon Extract, Marshmallow Root Extract and Phenoxyethanol SA.


salicylic acid, tea tree essential oil and witch hazel

watermelon extract, marshmallow root extract and willow bark extract

vegetable glycerin

polysorbate 80

phenoxyethanol sa


How: Hold salicylic acid spray about 8-10 inches away from body and mist onto clean, dry skin. Let set for a few seconds before getting dressed. Use as a chest acne treatment, for your back, butt or anywhere else from the neck down.

Pro tip: Use as a maskne spray by spritzing on the inside of your mask.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to support the integrity of the natural ingredients. Use within 6 months.

Recycle: Peel off label, rinse out the bottle and toss in your recycling bin along with the lid. Or once clean, repurpose the bottle.

🧼Cleanse with Charcoal Bar Cleanser
✨ Treat *this step*
💧 Moisturize with Gingerbread Body Butter


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A note from our founder: A huge reason why Urban Pulse was created was because of my struggle years ago finding an acne solution. Dermatologists kept prescribing me harsh topical chemicals that dried out my skin to the point of damaging it. My skin barrier broke down and therefore started over producing oil to make up for being so dry and cracked.

This ultimately led to even more acne and breakouts in the long run. Body acne has been difficult for so many people to deal with for the same reason. The body acne sprays widely available in mainstream beauty use over drying ingredients that strip skin of oils necessary to keep skin balanced and healthy for clear skin.

So toss those synthetic toxic products away and replace them with our natural, safe and truly effective BHA salicylic acid exfoliant.

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