Blue Meadows Sea Salt + Kelp Detox Bath Soak


Because who doesn’t love a botanical bath

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What makes this product so special?

Perfect for the nights that you just need a little detox. Rough day at work, hard workout at the gym or just when you want to take a breather. Pour yourself a glass of wine, light a candle and pour a little soak in a warm tub and relax. Mineral salts detox your body while an aromatherapy blend eases your mind and kelp nourishes your skin. You’ll come out with skin feeling healthy, vibrant and rejuvenated. Not to mention the dried botanicals make for a beautiful, picture worthy bath experience. Enjoy!

Ingredient Highlights ↓

🌿 Kelp is rich in vitamins and minerals, offering hydration and anti-inflammatory properties for your skin to soak in.
🌿 Pink himalayan salt is detoxifying and replenishing, infusing your bath water with skin healthy minerals for your body to absorb.
🌿 Dead sea salt stimulates circulation and soothes sore muscles.
🌿 Chamomile water is ideal for itchy or dry skin due to its abilities to refresh, soften and brighten skin.
🌿 Clary sage essential oil releases a calming aroma to aid in reducing feelings of anxiety.

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Size: 4 oz Mini  |  8 oz Standard

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Kelp Powder, Blue Cornflowers, Rose Petals, Natural Clay, Chamomile Water and Clary Sage Essential Oil.

TO USE: Light a candle and add desired amount of soak to a warm bath. Hop in and relax. For those who prefer not to have botanicals floating in the bath you can add the soak to a muslin bag before dropping in the bath. *Available as an add on above

Care: Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Handmade All-Natural Products: Truly natural and vegan friendly. No artificial ingredients, fragrances, colorants, parabens, SLS or phthalates used.

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