stress relieving & mood boosting wellness essentials

We hand make aromatherapy infused products to nourish your skin and soothe your mind.

our story

I turned to making my own skincare and candles in 2013 after years of searching for natural alternatives to the chemical filled skincare and toxin filled candles I saw everywhere I went. I quickly discovered the power behind real ingredients from our earth and my eyes were opened to an entire new world of wellness.

Organic Body Scrub

Ever since Urban Pulse has been committed to bringing you better wellbeing. Our first official collection launch started with candles and soap cleansers. Over the years we’ve expanded our knowledge and perfected our skills to create a well rounded collection to fill your day to day with more joy and seriously healthy skin.

“I’m so glad you’re here and I hope I can help you create routines in your daily life full of skin nourishing and mind calming wellness. Please feel free to chat with me via the live chat in the corner of your screen if you ever have questions about our products, wellness, or skincare. Or meet me over on Instagram to chat and learn more!” – Danielle Hawks, CEO