How to remove candle wax from jars: 3 simple steps

If you’re anything like me you probably have a collection of old candle containers lying around the house. This all-in-one guide will show you how to clean out candle jars and repurpose them around the house.

How to clean out candle jars:

This method works specifically well for soy wax candles like ours because the wax is soft and easy to remove.

1.     When your candle has about an inch of wax remaining, scoop as much of the remaining wax out as possible with a spoon first. Gently scoop out the remaining wick and metal clip and discard of them.

2.     Pour hot water into the container leaving about an inch of space at the top. Hot tap water will work just fine (avoid pouring boiling water into glass candle jars). The hot water will send the melted wax floating to the top of the jar.

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3.     Once completely cooled (about 15 minutes), remove the wax floating on top (you can easily pick it out with your fingers) and dump out the water. Use a paper towel or rag to wipe the inside of the jar to make sure all water and wax has been removed.

How to reuse candle jars:

Now that we showed you how to remove candle wax from jars, let’s share some ideas on how to reuse those empty containers in functional ways.

1.     Make a mini succulent cactus garden

Candle jars are the perfect size to plant a small cactus or succulent. They’ll look great on a window sill or dining room table. Repot every Spring to move your growing collection to a bigger planter.

2.     Get the most out of your veggies

Use as a propagation jar to regrow your veggie scraps like green onions, celery and lettuce by simply placing the ends root side down in the jar with water. Change water every few days and you’ll have new veggies within a couple weeks.

3.     Organize the bathroom

This is one of my favorites. Repurpose to store Q-tips, reusable cotton rounds, hair ties or even your toothbrush and toothpaste. Pro tip- toss your jar in the dishwasher every once in awhile if used for your toothbrush to keep the area clean.

4.     Declutter your desk

Finally have a convenient place to stash small items laying around your desk like rubber bands, paper clips and thumbtacks. Personally, I love having a quick place to grab paper clips from while I’m busy at work.

5.     Spare change

Toss your loose coins in old candle jars and cash them in once a month for your coffee fund. Or save up to treat yourself to a new candle or room spray.

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6.     Craft supplies

I know how easy it is to loose track of spare buttons, beads and ribbons. Keep them organized in your repurposed candle jars so they don’t get lost and you can finally use them on your next project.

7.     Lip balm lost & found

That’s right- we are all victim to purchasing a new lip balm because we’ve lost our current one. Store your lip balm stash, mascara and other makeup necessities you want in arms reach.

8.     Match holder

Add to your candle décor by upcycling your jar into a match holder. Place a strike strip on the side so you can hold and light your matches all in one place. Pro tip- buy “strike anywhere matches” to use for ease when lighting.


How should I dispose of the old candle wax?

Try using every last bit of wax by scooping out the last inch and placing it in your wax warmer. Otherwise simply place all leftover wax in the garbage.

Can’t I just wash it out in the sink?

You never want to put leftover wax down your drains. Even soft soy wax can create a clog and eventually need a plumbers attention.

Can I microwave the jar instead of using the hot water method?

It isn’t recommended to microwave the wax in old candle jars. There is a wick holder at the bottom that is metal and can ruin your microwave and/or start a fire. Scented candles are also risky to microwave due to how the essential oils or fragrance may react to being heated.

Let us know if you have any other ways you reuse old candle jars! We’re constantly finding new sustainable ways to repurpose old containers.

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